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Which eyelash extension should I choose?

Eyelash extensions come in different lengths, thicknesses and curves. We will have a look at the lashes and will find the most beautiful and suitable ones for you. Usually, I recommend the best curve and thickness for a natural look. One by one is the most usual method, in which one eyelash extension is stuck to one individual natural eyelash. I am also specialized in 3D eyelash extensions; you can also choose 2D (where two strands of extension are stuck to one eyelash) or 9D (where 9 strands of extension are stuck to one eyelash). I have a look at your natural eyelashes and will tell you which style suits you the best.

How often will I need to refill? 

It differs from one person to another. If you would like your eyelashes to remain beautiful, you could get a refill every two to three weeks. You can find the prices for a refill in the pricelist. Two weeks start from the last day of your last appointment. 

How long does every session take?

One classic basis set (previously known as 3D; today named 1D classic basis set) takes almost two hours. However, the exact duration depends on how full your natural eyelashes are, how they grow and how much experience the stylist has. When eyelashes are so disorganized and there are many small eyelashes, it is more difficult to do it! Putting a double set takes almost two hours. 

If you want a voluminous extreme look, you should expect the session to take two to three hours. A refill session could also take two hours, because the eyelash extensions attacked to the outgrown eyelashes are removed and a new extension is stuck to the eyelash; this is to ensure a beautiful outcome! 

Will the eyelash extensions damage your own eyelashes?

Eyelash extensions are not harmful for you if they are done cleanly by a professional, who uses the right products. At Lash Blast, you do not have to worry about this issue, because you are at the right place!

How can I remove the extensions?

A professional should remove the extensions. In my salon, I have the right products that dissolve the glue. Never remove the extensions by yourself; you might damage your natural lashes. 

Can I develop an allergy to the extensions?

At a professional salon, extensions are places in a way that the glue does not touch the skin. However, it is possible that someone is allergic to the glue and reacts to it, or an allergy is developed after some time. All manufacturers usually use the same ingredients, which mostly contain cyanoacrylate and might cause allergy in allergy sensitive clients. This can be very annoying, especially when you are used to your look and do not want to go back to use mascara anymore! I know this frustration and it is why I have come up with some ways that allergy sensitive customers also get beautiful lashes. I can use different glues. Although this way, the lashes remain a little shorter, it is an effective way for the extensions to stay without extra care. 

Is wearing eyelash extensions worth it?

I personally believe so! I recommend it to anybody who would like to get a beautiful look but do not want to put much effort in getting more beautiful or use mascara!

Which extension style should I choose?

There are many types of styles. In order to get the best result, ask your eyelash stylist, see her/his work, ask them what they recommend and why. If the stylist is a perfectionist—like myself—he/she will give you the best advice in this regard! I should also add that practically any size, shape and length is possible but the process can take a long time and there will be no guarantee that they stay long. 

How can I protect my eyelash extensions to stay longer?

Do not get your lashes wet until 48 hours. Also, do not get exposed to steam or heat for the mentioned period. If your do, you will notice that your eyelashes fall off after six, seven or eight days, or all might fall off just after two weeks! This is because the special glue requires some time so it gets completely dry. It is very important not to rub your eyes because then you will pluck your extensions AND your natural eyelashes. It is also very important not to use oil-based products around the eyes. When wearing contact lenses, do not pull your eyelashes; pull your eyelid instead. With a little care and attention, your 3D eyelash extensions can significantly last longer. 

What does the concept of “eyelash extensions” really mean?

In fact, it means that extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes one by one. One single extension is glued to each of your strong natural eyelashes. The name “3D eyelash extensions” is actually a fantasy name, because the lashes get longer, fuller or both. They are changed the way you prefer. The right extensions are the ones that are light, beautifully shaped and comfortable, which can last longer. 

Nowadays, there are “basic” extensions that come in diverse types of flat extensions and can be applied very carefully in the first session.

What does D stand for?

1D-eyelash extensions: One single extension will be attached to EVERY SINGLE EYELASH. You can choose the length, thickness and shape. In some cases, this means 2-300 single extensions. This way, the CLASSIC 1D eyelash extensions (1:1) are applied!

2D- eyelash extensions (2:1-method): This method is applied for the ones that would like to have much fuller eyelashes than what they already have. In this technic, everything is possible. Two ultra-thin extensions are attached to one of your natural eyelashes. This means, in total, 4-500 extensions. The result of it is extremely full lashes. There is also a possibility of getting them longer and fuller. The lashes will be comfortable and will last longer. This technique is called CLASSIC DOUBEL TECHNIQUE.

There is also the possibility of applying colored lashes, when there is a desire to make the color of your eye pop!  This adds a playful effect to the breathtaking eyelashes.

Volume technique (The method is 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 6:1, 7:1, 8:1, 9:1, etc. that gives you the extremely full lashes): At the moment, the most achievable method for getting fuller lashes. The lashes are made of very fine and thin hair. To every natural lash, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 lashes will be attached. Of course, these are not all the methods, however, using a special technique, they can all be used at the same time. However, the lashes used in the mentioned method are very thin and will not weigh down natural eyelashes; they even might weigh less. The result is fuller eyelashes. If lashes are properly applied and a good glue is used, the extensions will not weigh down natural lashes. 

What should I consider when I choose a professional?

-Some stylists work with thick lashes that might harm natural eyelashes. There will be no guarantee that natural lashes grow back when extensions are applied inappropriately. 

– Please note that when too long extensions are attached to your natural eyelashes, it can always harm your own lashes.

– The glue should not touch the skin of the eyelid!

– A small amount of glue is enough to apply extensions to the lashes. A big amount of glue might cause allergic reactions, permanent damage to the lashes or their roots.