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Are you looking for an absolute professional eyelash extensions course? Would you like to learn how to apply lashes?  I give different courses to teach girls how to become a lash stylist or help them learn new techniques. During the course I share all the experience I learned in my own salon Lash Blast, presents you an insight how to build a prosperous business, because your success is our success.

Basic information:

– The focus of the course is on the practical experience, as a result of our course you should be able to professionally create gorgeous lashes in your own beauty shop. Everyone’s lashes are different, therefore you need knowledge and experience to be able to apply lashes to everyone in the right manner. Those who enrol in the course need to be serious about wanting to learn and it is important that you understand it involves a lot of patience. But that patience is rewarded each time you see a client who is happy with their eye-catching results! Scroll down and deep dive into what our courses all about:

– There are now places available in the 1D, 2D and 3D-4D courses

– Groups are small with 2-3 trainees per course. By having small groups, I can give everyone individual attention, correct mistakes where necessary and also have enough time to answer any questions you might have.

– Everyone needs to bring their own model. Choose someone who is very patient, as this makes the work easier. I supply all materials needed during the course. Girls who already work as a technician will see the difference in results the products I work with can offer. After each course I send a list to the trainees with all the materials they have worked with during the course.

– The course is given in English, but I also speak Dutch. Where necessary I can translate parts for the Dutch trainees, but a basic knowledge of the English language is necessary to book this course.


Classic application one by one

Day 1 (9.00-15.00)

09.00 AM – 11.30 AM Theory

  • Hygiene
  • Product knowledge
  • Adhesive strips
  • Irritation and what to do
  • Client consultation form and why this is important
  • Marketing and imagery
  • Technical lash skills

11.30 AM- 12.00 AM Break

12.00 PM – 15.00 PM Mannequin head practice

  • lash mapping
  • how to isolate each lash and apply lashes
  • the correct application techniques
  • eyelash removal

Day 2 (10.00-14.00)

10.00 AM-14.00 PM Live model demonstration*

During the live model demonstration I teach trainees the following:

  • how to cleanse the lashes
  • how to apply the adhesive strips
  • how to isolate each lash and apply lashes
  • the correct application techniques
  • refill treatment

Day 3 (10.00-14.00)

10.00 AM-14.00 PM Live demonstration on a real model*

The total price of the One by one class is 799€ excluding VAT (includes mini starter kit). To make sure you book your place on the course you must pay a reservation cost, which is 400€,  of course part of your payment; the rest of the amount will be paid on the day of the course by card or bank transfer.

*The model needs to arrive make-up free and without having used other beauty products on the eyes or surrounding area. Models need to arrive on the 2nd day at 10 AM. MODELS MUST HAVE A GOOD SET OF NATURAL LASHES.

Upon completion of the course you will get a Lash Blast certificate. You need a lot of practice to become a skilled lash technician. Hopefully these courses will be the start of a professional career for you and it will allow you to surprise your customers with new knowledge and techniques that I will teach you.

-The course take 3 day’s

-Price is 799€ (exclusive VAT)+21% VAT

-Models needed (2)

-Deposit 400€ 


Classic 2D application 

To complete this eyelash class it is recommended to have minimum 1 year experience with the basic knowledge one by one application. 

If you aren’t sure about your starter class, please apply to our “BASIC-CLASS crush course”The courses are organised in Lash Blast eyelash studio. We provide all our students a professional, clean environment to equip a professional work area.

By completing this eyelash course you will learn the following: 

  • Build structure in eyelash extension application
  • Two different application technicians
  • Following the eye natural shape 
  • How to create more volume in your eyelash set’s.
  • This a unique application technic in the Netherlands. 
  • We wish to see some previously done one by one set before applying on this course
  • Application tools: how we hold the tweezers correctly 
  • A hygienic environment 
  • Eyelash mapping 
  • Taping  techniques 
  • Two different application techniques 
  • How do determine the correct thickness, extensions weights 
  • Basic style types 
  • How do we create a natural eyelash extensions
  • The importance of the temperature and air humidity 

-The course takes 2 days

-Price- 499 Euro+21% VAT

-Eyelash Modell needed

-Deposit: 300 Euro


Eyelash styling training

This your upgrade course, it  gives you useful knowledge about different eye shapes, how you decide on what shape your client has, and what suits the best. Furthermore, we learn everything you need to know about curles, length, thickness and how you choose the most suitable. Part of the course is that we make it real in live demonstrations. You need your own model.

By complaining this eyelash course you will learn the following: 

  • The importance of choosing the right style
  • 5 different style and how we creating this using mires effect
  • Natural eye-shapes
  • Eyelash mapping with each style
  • Product knowlede- we will find the most suitable to your level
  • Curl knowledge 
  • Difficult inner corners
  • Refill treatments
  • Isolation
  • Dipping eyelash glue
  • Lashing in layers
  • Washing the eyelashes professionally and painless
  • Lashpads applications

-The course takes 1 day

-Price- 399 Euro+21% VAT

-Eyelash Modell needed

-Deposit: 200 Euro